The Brands Club is the logical evolution,
interactive and user friendly of the old graphic charters,
brand book, brand manifesto and so on...

In a


The Brands Club?

Your brand identity is valuable,
Control its distribution.

A charter, an armor
for your brand.

A charter, an armor for your brand. The brand charter allows any authorized person to use the brand correctly. Its guidelines are at service of the brand and helps it to consolidate and appropriately express its identity.

If you do not have a graphic charter, we recommend that you stop the reading here because you can't join TheBrands.Club. come back when you have done this preliminary work with your communication agency.

If you have a charter and you are under the pressure and urgency of requests validation of brand identity elements; Congratulation ! You have what it takes to join the club.

A world of possibilities

Because each brand is unique and has its own codes, the brands club allows you to have a completely personalized space. This is your own Brand Center.

You enter a universe designed for you, which gives you access to many useful features on a daily basis.

Simplicity, control
and modularity.

Share on a web platform the graphic charter of one or more of your brands. You can also integrate the brands and sub-brands of your various subsidiaries on a single support.

Pilot a gallery of pre-approved, classified and filtered images, sounds or videos.

Manage libraries of various templates, to be used internally or externally (Powerpoint template, Word, internal notes, etc.)

Generate email signatures with our integrated signatures module, in order to standardize all the signatures of collaborators.

And much more...

Unified codes,
which faithfully transcribe
what makes your brand
original, unique and distinct.

100% digital

All inclusive

User friendly



Allez sur TheBrands.Club et cliquez sur le lien rejoindre le club
Renseignez les informations sur votre entreprise, votre marque et votre charte.
Recevez le contact d'un de nos Brand Specialist après réception du paiement pour finaliser le setup de votre espace de marque.
Votre univers de marque est desormais disponible pour vous et vos collaborateurs.
Welcome to the Club!


Simple & Fair pricing

installation costs

layout of the charter, the image library, customization of the signature generator as well as any other specific need.

From 5.000 USD


annual subscription

corresponding to the cost of using the tool and its maintenance. This is an annual flat rate.

3.000 USD

for 0-300 users (i.e. less than 1 USD per user per month)

5.000 USD

for 301-500 users

8.000 USD

for 501-1000 users


More than 1,000 users (under quote)

Interested ?

Let's meet!